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Fringed Seed Stitch Scarf

Fringed Seed Stitch Scarf_hanging

About Fringed Seed Stitch Scarf

I made this scarf as a gift for my sister. I wanted something substantial but I didn’t have a lot of time so I created this Fringed Seed Stitch Scarf using two balls of Patons Shetland Chunky Yarn in Gold. Measuring 63” long this scarf is a very quick knit. It has a seed stitched body that wraps around the neck and long tassels to knot the scarf in place.

Click here to download the full printer friendly pattern

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Basic Chunky Hat

About Basic Chunky HatBasic Chunky Hat_Side

A blizzard is headed our way, so I decided to whip up a really basic yet cozy hat to help keep me warm when it comes time to dig our way out of the snow. This Basic Chunky Hat is a really quick knit and is worked flat making it a great project for beginners. The pom-pom, which is completely optional, just adds a little something to this otherwise plane Jane hat.

Click here to download the full printer friendly pattern

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Beginner’s Chunky Seed Stitch Ear Warmer

Beginners Chunky Seed Stitch Ear Warmer - Dec 2013

About Beginner’s Chunky Seed Stitch Ear Warmer

My commute to work is a triathlon of sorts. First a short walk, which is just long enough to freeze if you’re not bundled up head to toe. The second event is a long ride on an overheated train which is only tolerable if you remove all knit layers. The last leg of my commute ends with another brisk but bitter walk to my final destination requiring me to reapply all of the layers that I had previously shed. By the time I reach my desk, what would have otherwise been a good hair day is in serious jeopardy from repeatedly pulling my hat on and off my head. In an effort to preserve my hairdo this Chunky Seed Stitch Ear Warmer was born. It keeps my ears warm and my hair in place by serving double duty as a headband. It’s a quick knit making it perfect for beginners, while the seed stitch pattern elevates it giving it that added detail that will have other commuters envious of its warmth and versatility.

Click here to download the full printer friendly pattern

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