Hi, I’m Stephanie LaRae, a busy working mom who has a lot of love for crafts, but not a lot of time for crafting. Between my commute, working long hours, taking care of a new baby and maintaining a household my day is jam packed. However thanks to modern technology and social media I’m able to get my daily crafting fix by browsing Pinterest on the train, tweeting during my lunch break and catching up on my favorite craft blogs after the baby is in bed. But by the end of the month my creative juices are spilling over and I need to get my hands dirty. To appease my inner crafter I promised myself I would do at least one craft project a month. And since I know I’m not the only busy woman out there, I wanted to share these quick, budget friendly and trendy projects with other busy women and the Craft of the Month Club was born. If you have a passion for crafts but are short on time to create, join the club!


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